15 Minute Manifestation Review By Eddie Sergey – Re-wire Your Brain?

Here’s a Whole 15 Minute Manifestation Review By Eddie Sergey Re-wire Your Brain Will this astonishing program by Alexander Wilson change your life for good?15 Minute Manifestation

So guys today I,m going to provide you a clear understanding of this program what I actually think of this product as well as an honest review of what this program is all about.

Before going to purchase this product to examine for myself I was a little doubtful at first…

I have seen in the depth of it, every website has been running the paid advertising and showing fake discounts as well.

I was really stressed with pushy sales videos and selective ‘bonuses’ That we’re no various from the next…

I was feeling all these ‘reviews’ just looked like another sales pitch…

Had anyone truly examined this product for themselves?

Was this just another useless self-help program that nobody wants or worries about?

Can this program really support to rewire your mind for abundance?

I went ahead and purchased the program and what I noticed was quite interesting…

Let’s take a look, shall we?

First of all, let’s Examine what 15-minute Manifestation actually is…

15 Minute Manifestation is an online program that is particularly designed to assist reprogram your subconscious to manifest the life you aim of.

Basically, it applies sound waves and subliminal programming particularly produced to rewire any limiting faiths or unwanted thinking patterns that are unknowingly preventing you from manifesting anything.

It will rewrite your past doubts or concerns and building a mindset that will attract what you really want.

15 Minute Manifestation Review

In Eddy’s presentation (click here to see his free presentation) he expresses his personal story about the secrets of brainwave technology, which I’ll explain later on, or click the link above.

Although this video can somewhat feel drawn out Eddy Sergey did give some really exciting knowledge during his presentation.

The knowledge that really opened my eyes to a new opportunity of generating a higher consciousness.

He addresses how you can reprogram your subconscious mind and unlock your wishes to build the life that you truly want, just by hearing to these unique sounds that I’ll discuss more very soon.

I have been following the law of attraction for years, and amazingly his information felt stimulating and quite different.

Eddy develops on how you can tap into “The Editor’ to reduce wrong beliefs in order to build abundance in your life.

The Editor is the seed within your subconscious mind.

Sometimes in the past experiences, environmental, or external faith systems have affected your thought of what you can or can’t produce within your reality.

When you touch into ‘The Editor’ you are truly refreshing your subconscious into turning it’s thought patterns e.g. Money mindset, determination, self-belief, positive mindset, etc.

What Other People Thinking About Eddie Sergey’s 15 Minute Manifestation:

As I said before when I got this program I was a little doubtful.

I couldn’t get a real review anywhere, and it made me feel a little tired and admired if this was truly legitimate.

But ultimately when I found really valuable testimonials from real people!  

After studying these reviews it put me in the comfort zone and gave me the peace of mind that this program is legit, and was the tipping point for me to make a buying.

I saw that some people weren’t getting their buying, but it’s because they were doing mistakes during the payment process.

I’ll get to that further down, but first I’ll discuss how these soundwaves really work…

15 Minute Manifestation Is All About Reprogramming Your Brain With Binaural Beats:

Binaural Beats were founded in 1837 by a famous physicist named Heinrich Wilhelm Dove.

15 Minute Manifestation Is All About Reprogramming

Dove discovered that hearing to specific tones of sound could actually produce various states of consciousness.

He also recognized that if you hear a tone of 410 Hz in your left ear and 400 Hz in your right ear, your mind will make up the variation and listen to a tone of 10 Hz.

Basically, these tones will help you to activate particular sections of your mind to make different experiences, therefore, assisting to transform your thought process.

What you need to do just apply binaural beats to focus, release stress, sleep properly as well as to improve health and wealth.

According to Eddy, the frequencies in this program were co-created by audio engineers and the top NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) specialists.

Eddy Sergey’s 15 Minute Manifestation Review concentrates on Theta and Delta Frequencies.

Theta Frequencies:

Theta Frequencies range from 4 and 7 Hz.

Our minds usually fall into theta waveform just as we’re dropping asleep or in a fully meditative state.

When your mind is generating theta wavelengths, you will be more relaxed and engaged in a case of composed awareness.

Also, when your brain is in Theta state, it will produce more strong visualizations, taps into intuition, and unlocks wisdom away from the normal conscious abilities.

This is where deep-seated doubts and problems reside as well as the negative ‘crap’ that we operate onto.

There are numerous other advantages to unlocking Theta state including;

  • Raising Intuitive abilities.
  • Rewiring subconscious faiths.
  • Higher levels of creativeness.
  • Increasing intuition.
  • Releasing Stress.
  • Mind and body restoration.
  • A higher level of emotional knowledge.

Delta Frequencies:

This Delta brainwaves range will start from 0.5 to 3 Hz and could be the slowest and deepest range of mind frequency.

These frequencies are constant waves that are weak in frequency and deeply penetrating.

Delta Brainwaves will be happening when most in dreamless sleep and the deepest meditations.

These frequencies excite physical health and stimulation such as metabolism and heart rate, hence, someone who has been struggling to enter the Delta state covers the risk of exhaustion and lower immunity.

Delta mind frequency is also great for;

  • Decreasing anxiety.
  • Controlling pain.
  • Growing mood.
  • Increasing more focus and productivity.
  • Deep sleep.
  • Healthier immunity.

15 Minute Manifestation- Main Features:

15-minute manifestation Review by Eddie Sergey is composed to reprogram your subconscious brain from beliefs very efficiently that no extended benefit you.

15 Minute Manifestation- Main Features

Its sole mission to assist you to manifest your all desired consequence, whether that be love, wealth, happiness, faith and/or total abundance.

While hearing to these kinds of frequencies for 15 minutes every day for 21 days has been confirmed to stimulate sections of the mind that will help the manifestation method. This 15 Minute Manifestation Review will guide you about its main features.

Subliminal Brain Programming:

In the former version of this program, the audio tracks had a voice over that got plenty of negative feedback.

Since then, the voice over has been eliminated and renewed with subliminal messaging to top your subconscious, breakthrough restricting faiths and open the mind up to different ideas patterns.

Although I’m not sure about it as to what the subliminal messaging is being stated (you cannot listen to them consciously) they have been attempted and examined to particularly support you to manifest anything.

Synchronization of Brain Frequency:

15-minute manifestation follows both sections of the mind.

According to the Author, when the two sides of your mind are in sync it generates the perfect vibrational match with your ambition.

When they are not in sync, both sides will begin fighting against each other which generates resistance, essentially it blockage to your ambitions.

Aligning these hemispheres is the best solution to reprogramming ‘the editor’ to assist boost self-esteem and free yourself from distressing thoughts.

To learn more about hemispheric synchronization have a look at Eddy’s free gift here.

Simply Simple Yet So Powerful:

The best thing about this program I loved it that is quite easy to use.

It doesn’t need your whole attention as it’s programming your subconscious, you don’t require reading long novels or following any tedious jobs.

All you have to do is a pair of headphones, a fine relaxing spot, and at least 15 minutes of your day.

Even you can hear in the bath, while you’re relaxing or anytime where you aren’t working machinery or utilizing motor skills.

It’s all about making your mind extremely relax and letting your subconscious to reprogram with these sound waves Eddy and his team have designed for you.

Create A New You:

As I have mentioned before as well, first of all, our initial purpose with this product is to break down self-doubt and finish past fears that have been keeping you back.

It about recreating yourself to the person you really want to be.

Natural Frequencies:

Unlike most of the binaural beats that can be seen online, these frequencies are formulated applying high technological sounds digest together from nature.

Breaking waves, Amazonian rainfall, and the ringing of Tibetan bowls are just some of the relaxing settings for the binaural beat paths in this program.

Eddy has enlisted the aid of exceptional hypnotherapists as well as audio engineers to support making the most excellent quality frequencies.

Natural Frequencies

“From the minute I put on my headphones, I quickly felt changed INSIDE my head! It was like my mind felt alive and in tune…in a way, I’d never felt. It was so insane. The most wondrous part was, within the first week, I would surely show a difference in what I was manifesting. I had attracted and closed two big contracts!

Here’s What is include With 15 Minute Manifestation:

15 Minute Manifestation program is available with 3 audio tracks digital form plus a bonus track with an attached Free E-book.

These include the sounds of nature and are composed to generate a different and fully immersive learning experience.

Track One: ‘Your Natural State’

Theta waves are applied in this track to attach with your subconscious mind and kill the mental blocks that are inhibiting your basic manifestation power. It’s called your natural state.

Slowly these limiting faiths will vanish.

The Life Of Your Dreams

You will begin to view more possibilities for growth and any difficulties in life will become hardly stepping stones toward bigger things.

Track Two: ‘Your New Story’

This Track Is called ‘Your Story’ Because it fuels your brain with the opinions and ideas of what YOU really want to obtain in your life.

Ultimately, your brain will be charged with positivity on a vibratory level and leave you thinking empowered to gain success in your life.

Track Three: ‘Moving Towards Abundance’

15-minute manifestations’ third track will rewire your brain to attract different thoughts and a success mindset.

This track will surely support to reprogram your core attitudes and faiths in order to attract abundance in your life.

Deep Sleep Now (Bonus Track):

This was surely my preferred track in the 15 Minute Manifestation program.

‘Deep Sleep Now’ will make you effectively sleep like a kid applying Delta frequencies to give your brain into deep relaxation and entire peace.

‘Deep Sleep Now’ is excellent for the late-night worriers and afraid thinkers who have restless and complex sleep periods.

Manifestation Wizardry (Bonus E-book )

An amazing bonus that I had no idea about held a 25-page E-book called ‘Manifestation Wizardry’.

This was a magnificent introduction for anyone fresh to the Law of Attraction.

Overall, I got this bonus E-book to be the best start-up guide to attracting ‘Real-Life Magic’ in our usual life routine.

The Payment Process of 15 Minute Manifestation….

As soon as the deal has been done instantly you’ll get a confirmation email that shows you to a web page including the downloads to the program.

The page you order from will attempt to upsell you on another product after you have bought it.

At first, I guessed I had to wait through another 45-minute video to get my goodies but this is totally optional. (I just clicked out and checked my emails)

Buy Now

After clicking through my email link, I was driven to a web page where I had to elect out some details (name and email address).

After that gave me access to the special download page with my 4 tracks and bonus E-book (I suggest that you bookmark the page to save you from digging through emails).

If you’re not a network person, the skip start guide gives some short instructions to set up the downloads. It also provides a Q And A that assists you to get a clear understanding of how to perfectly apply these frequencies. This 15 Minute Manifestation Review will guide you about its payment process.

Here’s what happened when I put the headphones on….

Before going into the depth I just want to disclaim that I have not finished this program in the suggested time frame of 21 days (I cheated a small)

In fact, I have tried and tested this program soundtracks various times.

Although it’s been a week I think I’ve seen a change in my consciousness, a turn that’s come at the excellent time in my existence.

So far this week I have manifested an extra cost $140 that was a gift from a friend, although this could have been a sheer accident I’ll take it as a symbol from the universe.

Also, I’ve experienced a lot more joined to my higher self, I personally feel more aligned after hearing to these kinds of sound waves.

program soundtracks

Plus, I want to make it very obvious that self-growth takes plenty of commitment and dedication.

This is merely stuff to support you along the way.

I would not suggest you trust this one product (or any product) to assist generate abundance in your life. The magic is always within you.

But again, reaching these mind frequencies has been scientifically verified to assist with your well-being and state of information.

Results would be depending on the hearer and the level of blockage on the mindset.

Like anything in life, the more time and hard work you put in the more you’ll get out.

Your Natural State:

Instantly I felt like that was taken to the wonderful rain forest, I closed my eyes and heard the beautiful nature of mother nature.

I could listen to birds singing in the remote background and the ringing of Tibetan bowls.

Amidst the sounds of nature, I can smoothly listen to these frequencies vibrate through me.

My breathing gradually relaxed and I felt a judgment of happiness and contentment.

The raindrops looked so real and I was put into a trance in minutes.

Moving Towards Abundance:

This track would be more harmonizing and soothing.

The tones seemed a lot smoother although just as powerful.

Moving Towards Abundance

I closed my eyes and look as though I was raised in the sky, the experience was full serenity.

The Bonus Track (Deep Sleep Now):

Although it’s an additional bonus, this track is my best one!

As someone who hurts from anxiety-induced insomnia, this track has become my golden ticket to a magnificent night’s sleep.

The Delta frequencies made me sleep like a stone! In conclusion, this track is an ideal gem for anyone hurting from poor sleep habits. This 15 Minute Manifestation Review will guide you about its bonus track.

What’s The Verdict On 15 Minute Manifestation?

This product really shocked me.

As someone who hears a lot of Binaural beats, these tracks increase exceeded my expectations not only in quality but also in how comfortable it was to get into a reflective trance.

I would suggest this product to you whether they are the latest or experienced in the Law of Attraction.

I do think like there’s still room for development but this product is without an uncertainty going to kick-start a life of abundance.

15 Minute Manifestation Review – The Pros And Cons:


  1. The program can be instantly downloaded via email.
  2. You can upload the tracks to your phone and hear anywhere you would like to work.
  3. It includes a fast Q and A Guide to getting started.
  4. The tracks only take 15 minutes a day so are excellent for someone with an occupied schedule wanting to manifest.
  5. The program is available with a complete 60-day money-back guarantee.
  6. It makes the idea of meditation quite smooth and easy.
  7. High-quality sound by the great NLP specialists and audio engineers.
  8. The tracks truly are life-changing.
  9. It assists you to rest more instead of annoying about the things you may lack.


  1. It takes some form of commitment.
  2. This program is not all about the magic pill for success, things take some time.
  3. You cannot hear while driving or working any form of machinery.
  4. Effectiveness can be flawed by doubtfulness.
  5. Results would be depending on your level of commitment.you have made.
  6. It may take longer than 21 days for a change to happen (again, commitment).
  7. You can only hear one track at a time.

You Should Try 15 Minute Manifestation If You:

  • I had past doubts or restricting beliefs that have held you back.
  • I examined the law of attraction but didn’t get any results.
  • Have resistance that is preventing you manifest.
  • I can’t visualize well.
  • Have difficulty meditating.
  • Want to build your dream life.
  • Want another tool to assist you manifest.
  • I want to build a money mindset.
  • Are looking to Develop you’re well being.

Buy Now

15 Minute Manifestation Review – Conclusion:

Finally, I would like to say that 15 Minute Manifestation has one set price of $49. There are no extra “discounts” or “extra bonuses” as claimed by numerous people use to promote their product.

However, I got the program to be very affordable regarding what is given.

The bonuses you will get are all part of the product, so, everyone gets the same stuff with their buying, regardless of what kinds of channels they go through.

As someone who has applied binaural beats for numerous years, I have seen this program to be a breath of clean air!

Although binaural beats aren’t good for everyone, they are surely worth a try for those wanting to develop their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.

These strong frequencies have assisted me to sleep at night, increased my self-confidence, enhanced vitality and overall dramatically improved my life.

The quality is quite magnificent and the fact that Eddy has helped with Audio Engineers and Hypnotherapists truly confirms the time and hard work put in.

It’s a popular fact that numerous people are held back by their doubts, programming and limiting faiths.

This program is not a magic pill that will change your life in one day because things take some time but it is an excellent tool that can help those who are trying to get past the blockages of their manifestation journey.

If you have been finding the best product to assist you to reprogram your brain and also build the life you truly want with applying 15 Minute Manifestation is for you.

Every individual track has its own benefits and the bonus material is just as rewarding.

When you personally work it out for yourself along with that you will also get a 60-day money-back guarantee

If you don’t like the product, you will get a complete refund.

Considering the program is quite cheap and easy for everyone and only needs you to use 15 minutes per day, there is nothing to lose by trying it.

This short investment will give for itself tenfold given you are ready to follow up with your own steps toward alignment.

Thank you for giving me the time to read this review!

I have tried to go in-depth as much as possible and really believe this has been cleared up any misconceptions for you.

Finally, to get the ’15 Minute Manifestation’ program including the additional bonuses at the cheapest price possible click the photo here.